Mikhail Emelin

Permanent employment and position
Institute of Applied Physics RAS, research scientist
Position at ELSA
Research scientist

2000-2006 – N.I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, Radiophysical Department
2009 – PhD in physics and mathematics, PhD thesis “Generation of Attosecond Pulses at Laser Ionization of Excited Atoms and Molecules”, laser physics, scientific adviser – A.M. Sergeev

Academic qualifications


Fields of interest

Intense laser – matter interaction, attosecond physics, dynamic molecular imaging

Professional career
2002-present – Institute of Applied Physics RAS, research assistant, senior research assistant, probationer researcher, junior research scientist, research scientist

Awards, scholarships, grants
Scholarship of the UNN Scientific Council (2002-2004, 2006), Minin scholarship (2004), Khariton scholarship (2005)
Students Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2005)
Winner of the "Innovation and Career" competition (2005-2006)
Scholarship of the IAP RAS Council of Young Scientists and Specialists (2007)
Winner of the competition of IAP RAS young scientists (2007)
Razuvaev Scholarship (2007-2009)
Grants of the Dynasty Foundation (2004-2006 – student grant, 2007-2009 postgraduate student grants, 2010  – PhD grant)

9 papers in peer reviewed journals

Major works

  1. Emelin M.Yu., Ryabikin M.Yu., and Sergeev A.M. Frequency tunable single attosecond pulse production from aligned diatomic molecules ionized by intense laser field // Optics Express. 2010. V.18, N3. P.2269-2278.
  2. Frolov M.V., Manakov N.L., Sarantseva T.S., Emelin M.Yu., Ryabikin M.Yu., and Starace A.F. Analytic description of high-energy plateau in harmonic generation by atoms: can harmonic yield increase with increasing laser wavelengths? // Phys. Rev. Lett. 2009. V.102, N24. Art. no. 243901.
  3. Emelin M.Yu., Ryabikin M.Yu., and Sergeev A.M. Monitoring long-term evolution of molecular vibrational wave packet using high-order harmonic generation // New Journal of Physics. 2008. V.10, N2. Art. no. 025026.
  4. Емелин М.Ю., Рябикин М.Ю., Сергеев А.М. Генерация одиночного аттосекундного всплеска при ионизации возбужденных атомов мощным сверхкоротким лазерным импульсом // ЖЭТФ. 2008. Т.133, №2. С.243-259.
  5. Emelin M.Yu., Ryabikin M.Yu., Sergeev A.M., Chernobrovtseva M.D., Pfeifer T., Walter D., and Gerber G. High-efficiency generation of attosecond pulses during atomic ionization from excited electronic states // Europhysics Letters. 2005. V.69, N6. P.913-919.
  6. Pfeifer T., Walter D., Gerber G., Emelin M.Yu., Ryabikin M.Yu., Chernobrovtseva M.D., and Sergeev A.M. Transient enhancement of high-harmonic generation in expanding molecules // Phys. Rev. A. 2004. V.70, N1. Art. no. 013805.
  7. Емелин М.Ю., Рябикин М.Ю., Сергеев А.М., Чернобровцева М.Д., Пфайфер Т., Вальтер Д., Гербер Г. О генерации аттосекундных всплесков и высоких гармоник излучения при ионизации молекул сверхкоротким лазерным импульсом // Письма в ЖЭТФ. 2003. Т.77, №5. С.254-259.